Diesel generator maintenance and repair

Easy Agency Ltd. was founded in 2010.

Initially, the company provided ship maintenance and repairs service.

From 2012 we focus on maintenance and repairs of emergency diesel generators.


Maintenance and repairs of diesel engines, including in harsh conditions (in ships, at sea, forests, on deployed heavy duty vehicles)

Maintenance and repairs of boats, ships and yachts

Maintenance and repairs of mobile diesel generators


Mobile generator rental

We have one 6 kW diesel generator and one 5 kW gasoline generator.

Price 30€/day, VAT not included.


Why choose us

We have a generator load equipment, which enables us to test generators at their required load without affecting rest of the grid.

We are servicing over

generators each year!

We have an experienced ship electrician, ship senior mechanic and diesel engine technician.


We have experience in servicing SDMO, CUMMINS, TERMIA, INMESOL, TEKSAN and other diesel generators.

Client 1

Our clients

Our customers include:

  • Centre for Defence Investment
  • Estonian Defence Forces
  • Police and Border Guard Board
  • State Real Estate Ltd.
  • Elering
  • and numerous private sector companies


Info and ordering: +372 5649 3706

Spare parts and accessories: info@easyagency.ee

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